David Beckham Hairstyles

David Beckham hairstyles get their name from former English soccer team captain, David Beckham; who in his heyday, came to be as much loved for his sense of style (dress-wise and accessory-wise) as for his football prowess, which was also remarkable.

For the most part, Beckham hairstyles are characterized by long hair, which has for long been David Beckham's trademark - often making him really stand out in a field of twenty-two players. Besides being long, the hair that makes up these David Beckham hairstyles has to be worked into some sexy style, to 'complete the look.'

While few men would have dared to don them when they first came up, perhaps for fear of having their sexual orientation being doubted, we have in recent years seen more and more men adopting the Beckham hairstyles. This is attributable to a number of factors. One is the increased 'self-confidence' levels in general population: where people are nowadays much less concerned about what others think about them. If a man knows donning a David Beckham look will make him feel good, he just goes ahead to get it - with a 'so-what' attitude, regarding those who raise eyebrows about the style. It is his hair, after all. Then there is the rise of the metro-sexual man, a man who, while strongly masculine and 'straight' is also very much in touch with his 'feminine side' - as another factor behind the rise of Beckham hairstyles, which are what would be traditionally considered 'feminine looking.' As mentioned, the metro-sexual man is in touch with his 'feminine side' and just as women have in recent years been adopting masculine things that make them feel good, the metro-sexual man is also ready to adopt some feminine things that make him feel good; with no apologies whatsoever for that.

Besides these factors, however, there are a number of 'stand-alone' reasons which make David Beckham hairstyles worth considering for a man.

First is the unapologetic sexy look they confer to their wearer, as mentioned earlier. If you want to come across as a sexy man (who has no apologies to make for being that sexy), then the thing to do would be to acquire a David Beckham look- and you pass the message along clearly, especially to the ladies who find a man who has the courage to wear such a 'distinctive' hairstyle quite irresistible.

Second is the fact that in spite of their great looks, Beckham hairstyles are really not too expensive or labor-intensive in their maintenance. The distinctive look they come with is acquired through clever use of styling techniques (and quite easy ones at that), rather than expensive accessorizing, as in other hairstyles of their stature.

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