Mens Haircuts

The latest and popular hair styling trends of the day can usually be seen adorned by idolized celebrities and lauded by so-called fashion experts. There is nothing wrong with that. Ultimately, the key to any hairstyle is what works for you. Whether a hairstyle is good or bad, passé or vogue is nothing more than a matter of perspective. If you are inclined to adopt what is currently fashionable or if you are thinking that a change from your norm might be good then consider the following list of popular hairstyles for men.


Also known as the chunky hair style, piecey refers to the randomized clumping of long or short hair. The look is usually assisted with a gel, mouse, wax or any other type of hair binding product. Start with clean, dry and combed hair then apply product as needed to clumps of hair and let is drape as is.


The fade still continues to be a popular hair style. The term fade by itself usually refers to a blending or tapering from short to longer lengths of hair. Fading can readily be seen in high and tight, flat-top, high-top (remember Kid 'n Play), skin or bald fade haircuts. Blending is a skill that is developed over time and with lots of practice.


A variation of the mohawk, the fauxhawk is usually a bit more subtle in its presentation. The hair on the sides of the head is cut shorter but not shaved like a traditional mohawk. The top is longer than the sides and is styled upwards with gel, hair spray or other similar hair products.

Front Wave

Making its comeback from the eighties, the front wave is the upward sweeping of the hair from the forehead. Medium-length hair with a dab of mouse or gel provides the best overall effect. The ideal end result should be a wave that has a natural wind-swept look. Imagine stepping out of a convertible after a long windy drive. That is the look.

The Ivy League

The mantra of the Ivy League haircut is low maintenance. It is the ideal haircut for practically any guy. The key elements are short on the side and back with some length on the top. Bangs are either combed straight back, over to the side are parted down the middle. It is a clean-cut style often associated with young college students.

Long Natural

Not for everyone, the long natural hairstyle for men is all about hair care. Keep those locks looking their best with a quality shampoo and conditioner especially if you wish to avoid a dingy or greasy look.

Most likely, these hairstyles will continue to pass as popular for years to come in their original form or some variation of it. Keeping any of these hairstyles in top shape is going to require some effort and in most cases some product. Ultimately, the style you choose now and in the future should always be the one that helps you feel the best about yourself.

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