Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles are in the category of hairstyles that make an instant statement on the wearer, with regard to the wearer's sense of style; and perhaps the wearer's celebration of their personal uniqueness. Being spotted wearing hairstyle shows that you are not afraid to be yourself - and this can be a great attraction to others out there. It is, after all, an indisputable fact that people who are not afraid to be themselves are a great attraction to one and all.

The origins of the Mohawk hairstyle can probably be traced back to the American Indians (the natives who lived where USA is today before the coming of the 'settlers') - who wore it, not as a special fashion statement, but an 'ordinary' hair style in the society. Settlers who came across the hairstyles had to take notice; in spite of their indifference to their 'hosts' the red Indians - since Mohawk hairstyle are such that you simply cannot opt to ignore them.

Of course, while the settlers appreciated the hairstyles uniqueness, it was to be quite a long period of time before the more 'eccentric' of them could come to gather the courage to be spotted wearing the Mohawk hairstyle themselves.Today, hairstyles have found widespread acceptance, though the fact that they do set apart the wearer (ironically, even if the wearer is an Indian American) still stands.

Among the categories of people among whom hairstyle find widespread appeal include the Indian Americans themselves (who probably wear them as a sign of pride in their rich cultural heritage), and punk rockers - to whom wearing Mohawk hairstyle is part of their chosen lifestyle.To make the Mohawk hair even more outstanding, many wearers often opt to incorporate color into the hair-scheme; and indeed this is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception as far as hairstyles go. Mohawk hairstyles come in a number of varieties. One of the most remarkable is the 'Horse mane' hairstyle. This works well for medium sized hair; and it is one hair style that will get people really talking.

Another great hairstyle is the 'short and spiky' Mohawk variety - and this is viable even for people whose hair is not long enough to accommodate the Horses' mane Mohawk hairstyle, though even the medium-sized hair can still benefit from the short and spiky hairstyle.The long and pointy hairstyle is yet another option as far as Mohawks go - and this is probably the most commonly sighted of all hairstyle; being the favorite to punk rockers as it seems to be. To get the long and pointy Mohawk hairstyle, what one needs to do is first grow their hair long, and once it has acquired the required length (which is long enough to be stranded, but not long enough to flow over the back); mold it into the sharp strands that make the 'long and pointy' hairstyle - taking care to ensure that the strands stand upright, as it is of course the uprightness of the strands that makes it a Mohawk hairstyle.

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