Rockabilly Hairstyles

Perhaps in keeping with the universal law of cycles, we are increasingly seeing a resurgence of the famous rockabilly hairstyles, which have previously 'rocked the world' at various points in time since their first emergence in the early part of the last (20th) century - and which had all but disappeared.

The latest rockabilly hairstyles fad can be, to a great extent, attributed to a number of celebrity endorsements - that is, cases where highly regarded personalities have been spotted wearing them, naturally leading to their widespread appeal with the general public.

There are a number of options, when it comes to rockabilly hairstyles. These are basically classified color-wise, and include the so called platinum blonds (for that irresistible looks associated with blondes), and the bold blacks (for that bold hard-to-see-through look that black gives), and shiny reds - for those who feel 'daring enough.'

Now your success with rockabilly hairstyles depends on how you go about styling your look. With regard to styling, your options as far as rockabilly hairstyles go range from the so called retro-cut, to the whole range of bangs, which includes the so-called Bettie Page and blunt bangs. The retro-cut, whenever employed in rockabilly hairstyles, however, tends to be the most noticeable of all styling methods. The retro-cut, as universally known, involves cutting the edges of your hair all the way around the head - by a whopping four inches, except at the points that border the ears, where the cut is smaller than the four inches.

Making the basic rockabilly hairstyle (whichever specific version) should not really be hard. The first step in making the rockabilly hairstyle is always the application of a setting cream (a setting lotion can also do), and this has to be done thoroughly, throughout the hair. This is then followed by an equally thorough drying of the hair, so that at the end of this part of the rockabilly hairstyle making stage, the effect of the setting cream or lotion previously applied turns out to be one of softening, rather than oiling the hair, because the cream/lotion itself is gradually dried out (ideally with blow dry). Once you are done with the drying, the next step towards acquiring a rockabilly hairstyle is the actual curling of hair, and this can involve something as simple as curling the hair-tips back facing the scalp (probably the easiest to execute); or something as complicated as trying to make the hair strands into 'pins' which are then curled. It is at this stage of rockabilly hairstyling that the individuality of both the hairstylist and the person whose hair is being made comes out clearly.

To finish the 'rocking look,' the person who is to wear it can opt to use one or another hair accessory - and the choices here are really quite inexhaustible, from flowery clips (for those who want to maintain the 'conservative look,' probably the business or professional type of rockabilly hairstyle wearers), to accessories like bandanas, for the more daring types.

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