Long Prom Hairstyles

When you are going to party, would you want your appearance at the party interesting? No wonder so many women who will be busy preparing your appearance. Your hair looks to have a big hand, let alone you have long hair. You no longer worried about it. In this modern era more and more hairdressers are increasingly sophisticated in their resolve your problem. Various kinds of long prom hairstyles that can make you beautiful at the party.

Model Chignon

Model Chignon (bun) Latin style is a trend now, put flowers on the bun, the style is similar to the style of Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek. Or by wearing pearls in her hair accessories to make it more feminine? Select the style you like. For who likes simple style, just braided hair left and right side of her. So you still look elegant without a lot of extra hair accessories. Long hair will make it easier, because you do not need to use extra hair. If you do not like chignon and want to look more chic and casual?

Simple Chic Cut

This Long prom hairstyles worn by Brittany Murphy. This hairstyle has a simple impression, with style pleated in the front to one side and separated by a small hair. Hair styles curved and only allowed to fall down. This hairstyle has great hair style is perfect paired with a strapless prom dress. This hairstyle is very simple, yet capable of creating incredible view. Different hair accessories can be combined and produce display different too.

Long Boho Waves

Hair styles are widely used in women parties. Besides showing simplicity, this hairstyle is easy to make, and more comfortable for you. Hair style is still a big impression, with features that hair on slightly off center, and with no fringe boho waves, will cause a different view. This hairstyle has been worn by Ashlee Simpson.

Chic Hairstyle with Curly Locks

This hair style combine style with a chic wavy hair curled out thinly. By using rollers and styling gel, it can create an elegant impression on her edges. This hairstyle can also be added with various kinds of extra accessories.

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